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An executive search firm specializing in marketing communications, sales and sales management.

Seek. And we will find. 

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As a leading marketing communications executive search firm, we specialize in finding executive-level marketing communications talent including sales and sales management. Let us find the right match for your company. 


Our Leadership Team


David Manchee and Roger Tremblay are seasoned executive search experts whose combined marketing, advertising and sales management experience has positioned them to understand not only how to search for and recruit the best candidates for your company, but how to make sure the person you hire will be the right person for your team.

Business Class News Podcast


The editor of Business Class News, Karl Woolfenden, spoke with Roger and Dave. Karl talks about both sides of the job search. Roger and Dave give some great insights into positioning your company to acquire the right talent in a very competitive marketplace.

What our clients are saying...

Grant Moise, Publisher, Dallas Morning News

"We hired PCS for a critical, time sensitive search for President of the Belo Media Group. We couldn't be more pleased with the result. Not only did we end up with an excellent candidate, but we felt the entire process was efficient, thorough and produced a selection of first-class talent. PCS also went the extra mile to make all finalist candidates feel welcome and well-prepared for the interview process. Overall it was a very good experience with an excellent recruiting firm."

Tony Glaves, Co-Founder, HAT Contract

"We interviewed several recruiting firms for our search and chose PointClear even though they had no experience in our industry. That turned out to be a benefit rather than a liability. PointClear started with a fresh sheet of paper and surprised us with how quickly they were able to gain an understanding of the industry, our requirements and then deliver high quality candidates. Their process works."

George Stewart, Chief Revenue Officer, Kin Community

"PCS listened very carefully  to my requirements but that was just the first step. They also interviewed me. They took the time to understand my approach and my style. They also took the time to understand the company culture and others with whom the potential hire would interact. They managed the art and the science of the hiring process such that EVERY candidate brought to me was an outstanding fit. If they had any concerns, they expressed them. And those I eventually hired became my very best employees. I strongly recommend PointClear."

Cory Jones, VP, Head of Marketing, Fujitsu

"When I engaged PointClear Search for a critical marketing position, I gave them three challenges: The candidate had to have a unique skill set, had to have superior intelligence and work ethic and the search had to be completed very quickly. And it was probably someone who wasn't looking for a new job. The candidate I hired fulfilled all those requirements and exceeded my expectations. I would not hesitate to engage PCS again."

Senthil Govidan, CEO, Datawrkz

"While searching for salespeople to kickstart Datawrkz's U.S. go-to-market strategy, I reached out to multiple recruitment firms. Most tried to sell me on high-cost senior resources on the coast, which was not what we were looking for. PCS stood out in their willingness to listen to me, give me market feedback and help vet candidates. When we needed to recruit more candidates, they were the only firm I went back to."

Ken Schaefer, President/Owner, Schaefer Advertising Co.

"We recently retained PointClear to help us find a Director for our Digital Team. They were thorough, responsive and much more efficient than had we tried to manage the process in-house.  We’ve already retained them for a second search and expect we will use them again in the future."

Recruited Publisher, American Main Street Publications

"I loved working with Dave and Roger at PointClear Search. The team was extremely thorough and thoughtful in their approach to the entire interviewing process. They did their best to make me feel knowledgeable, comfortable and educated about the company before walking into my interviews. It was such a pleasure to work with them."

Anthony Parker Marban, Director of HR, Lopez-Negrete

"PCS has assisted us in several key searches and the value they bring to the process is powerful. They are able to readily identify passive candidates and quickly convert them into interested applicants. I can always expect a professional presentation of our firm and our opportunities."

Roger Tremblay  972-849-7384 Roger@PointClearSearch.com

David Manchee  214-505-7183 Manchee@PointClearSearch.com